Darling & Daughters lives for the floral function of the feast. We believe in the age-old adornment of the table with enticing flowers and foliage, candlelight, food and wine - a feast, and better one that warms its future memory. We've found that weddings allow us the most space to create, and are beyond grateful for clients who are trusting and excited by the notion that flowers should be present, after all, at most rites of passage which shape these short lives of ours; they should reflect that very moment as a temporal but timeless element to guide us and remember the occasion. 

Maria comes from a long line of women who had a way with the paintbrush (see: Catherine, below), and found that she didn't at all- not even a bit, so she studied history instead, fell in love with food and flowers in a tiny Midwestern bistro, and crazily started toying around with the idea of designing full time with her own studio and garden in play after freelancing in and around DC. With her daughter Isla in her arms, she officially signed D&D into existence with Catherine in 2015 and has been rearing both her baby and business ever since. 


In addition to her potent big sister calming powers, Catherine keeps our studio in tip top shape and assists with all designs, adding flourishes and her affinity for painterly tones as well as her razor-sharp memory of seasonally available flora. She is forging a new branch in the matriarchal business tree; her watercolor designs commissioned for our clients will preview in later in the summer of 2018. With her background in local environmental protection, Catherine has been the driving force behind our relationship with sustainable flower farmers and our constant studio garden re-vamping. 

With every piece we create, the flowers are selected as part and parcel a palette for the occasion. That natural love we all seem to have for blending and playing with color comes through best with seasonal blooms and foliage, and otherwise more surprising elements that beautify and honor the celebration at hand. 

Darling & Daughters tries to source as close to home as possible seasonally; some stems are foraged, some gathered from our backyard gardens, and everything else very carefully curated and sourced from trusted farmers, vendors, and wholesalers, so that each event palette is completely unique to that season, client, and vision.

We avoid the use of floral foam and otherwise toxic materials save for certain installations. 

This business is one that we are proud to lead and grow thoughtfully with much regard to any environmental and social impact. We try to source blooms that are seasonal and local, of course, but most of all take great care to everything we procure and design strike our clients as a temporal sign that there is so much natural beauty in this world.