private studio & garden


What we love more than any single gorgeous bud is its place in the color palette it envelops; one that is painterly and natural and defies the typical. Anything we make should incorporate pretty bits of wild, and otherwise reflect the season it was created in. We want our designs to welcome each guest thoughtfully and with intention, and invite those who think that they don't care much either way to pause for a moment and take a closer look. 


For Darling & Daughters, every project taken on is foremost and always a celebration of what is real in life, what is collected for and salvaged from a moment, and what should be passed along to loved ones. If you have a story behind what you envision, we will jump all in and celebrate it.


As long as the season allows, we grow much of our own foliage for designs; we believe these guide an arrangement as much as the blooms.  We grow heuchera, honeysuckle, eucalyptus, cascade hops. 



Spring & Summer blooms: cosmos, sweetpea, tulips, peonies, bearded iris, cup-and-saucer, dahlias, lilac, nasturtium, yarrow, Virginia bluebells, hibiscus, rock roses, snapdragon, foxglove, chocolate laceflower, celosia plume, love-in-a-mist, velvet sunflower, love-lies-bleeding, and larkspur.


We try to source as close to home as possible seasonally- some stems are foraged, some gathered from our backyard gardens, and everything else very carefully curated and sourced from trusted wholesalers, vendors, and farms, so that each event palette is completely unique to that season, client, and vision. We avoid the use of floral foam and otherwise toxic materials.