We revere the truly seasonal palette; we design to pair floral elements with the spaces they adorn and the people who hold them.


We believe in the age-old decoration of the supper table with enticing blooms and foliage, curated candlelight, and forever good food and wine - a true feast. We remain so grateful to work with clients who trust our flowers to reflect that very moment as a temporal but timeless element.


We are workers and artists, sisters and mothers and daughters.

Darling is an old family name we share that goes back generations through our mother's side. We are the second and fourth of five children raised by our professor mother and civil rights attorney father in Glen Echo Heights, just outside of Washington. We grew up walking along the Potomac, collecting odd bits with our parents and siblings.

Maria comes from a long line of women who had a way with the paintbrush (see: Catherine, below), and found that she didn't at all- not even a bit, so she studied history instead, fell in love with food and foraged flowers in a tiny Midwestern bistro, and started toying around with the idea of designing full time with her own studio and garden in play after freelancing in DC. With her daughter in her arms, she officially signed D&D into existence with Catherine in 2015 and has been rearing both ever since.

Catherine keeps the studio in tip top shape and assists with designs, adding foraged flourishes with an affinity for painterly tones and seasonally available flora. With a background in local environmental activism, Catherine has been the driving force behind our relationship with sustainable flower farmers, family gardens, and foraging efforts.

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“We design with the hope that what we make allows flowers to look timeless, ethereal, wild- the memory of a feast… it can’t be completely recreated, and the memory is pretty magical.”

- Maria Young, founder



From budding spring through the last gasps of autumn, we source the majority of our flowers from local and sustainable growers. We also cut from our studio garden and forage from the wild throughout the week, offering nuance to each piece that cannot be replicated. The first three farms listed below are run by very badass women farmers who use sustainable practices to offer up the best flowers imaginable.

Our treasured farmers in the area include Butterbee Farm, Two Boots Farm, Hillen Homestead, and Wollam Gardens. We source organic roses from Grace Rose Farm in California.

If you’re a local grower and would like to send your availability, please do! The best contact is darlinganddaughters at gmail dot com


 In the Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.

— Margaret Atwood